Conservatory Roof Replacement in Exmouth

Do you have a leaky conservatory roof? Can it be repaired, or do you need to replace it entirely? Your home is an investment and protecting it from the elements is important. If your conservatory roof needs repair, then you may be able to benefit from a new replacement solution.

When your conservatory is an extension of your home then it is important to keep it in good condition. Conservatory roofs can become damaged over time, which can lead to the need for a replacement or repair.

A replacement conservatory roof can transform your old conservatory into a brand new living space you can use all year round. Find your Exmouth conservatory roof installer or start your online quote today.

Reasons to Replace a Conservatory Roof

Poorly insulated roofs will mean heat is lost through it. This can lead to problems such as a hot house in the summer and cold room in the winter. It can also mean increased energy bills as the house isn’t heating and cooling where it’s needed. It can also have an adverse effect on your conservatory’s insulation level meaning your room isn’t warm in winter or cool in summer. Replacing the conservatory roof with a glazed one is a fantastic way of improving insulation. It’s easy to spot when a conservatory is poorly insulated as condensation forms around windows and doors during a sunny day. A conservatory with good insulation will not show any condensation.

The main components of conservatories are polycarbonate panels which are easy to work with but can become quite fragile when damaged. They’re great at insulating though so if yours is showing any signs of damage, it could be time for a replacement. If you’re looking for conservatories, then it can be a great idea to see how the house is set up before you buy. Blocked drainage holes It can be a little tricky to fit new roofs in conservatories. A conservatory roof is often very tall so installing the roof can cause problems with roofing nails or screws sticking out through drainage holes on the roof. These issues can also occur if holes on the roof are blocked due to build up of condensation and dirt. This can occur when the roof is poorly insulated and there’s no ventilation. It’s important to check for holes in the roof which are blocked and also the holes in the walls as they can have problems. As mentioned above, polycarbonate is a great insulator but it’s not always as effective as glass.

conservatory roofing replacement ExmouthConservatory Roof Replacement Find an Installer in Exmouth

Conservatory roofs are a vital component when deciding on the design and layout of your conservatory. They can increase the size of your room, allow additional natural light to stream in through roof windows or even just simply blend with your existing home for an attractive extension that increases space and value. Conservatory roof replacement in Exmouth has become a popular and cost effective addition to many homes. Conservatory roofs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles but usually consist of one or more sections that are easily removed if necessary. Conservatory roofs are designed to be water resistant, typically using either glass or plastic roofing materials that are safe and easy to clean. Conservatories can be covered with a variety of different roofing materials including;


These panels are lightweight, long lasting, waterproof and come in a variety of colours.

Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles are the traditional conservatory choice that provides a unique look for your roofing.

Composite Conservatory Roofs

Composite roofs are popular as they help conservatories retain heat and reduce the amount of energy required to keep them warm.

Conservatory roof replacement is a relatively easy process that can also help to protect your conservatory investment, if you’re looking for a trustworthy and professional conservatory builder then speak to us today about Conservatory roof replacement.

Conservatories can be added to a number of different properties including;

  • Bungalows
  • Detached Houses
  • Townhouses

A replacement conservatory roof can transform your old Conservatory into a brand new living space you can use all year round. A lot of Conservatory Roofs are made from glass to provide maximum sunlight and views whilst also keeping the Conservatory warm during the winter months.

new conservatory roof ExmouthHow much will it cost to replace my Conservatory Roof

Replacement prices can really vary according to the size of your conservatory and also the type of roofing material you decide to go for. For a small conservatory roof installation with standard aluminium or glass tiles, it’s usually around £2200-£2500.

Conservatory roof installation in Exmouth is a cost effective and convenient way of making your conservatory safe for you to use. Conservatories can be used all year round so it’s advisable to have your conservatory roofs checked regularly to ensure they’re still watertight as this will prevent any unnecessary damage to your property and belongings.

We have experts in Exmouth. Please call us, so we can discuss conservatory roof replacements in your area today.

Conservatory roof replacement can be a substantial investment and it’s worth taking the time to find an experienced, local conservatory installer that you feel comfortable with.


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